Saturday, December 03, 2011

So some news

If anyone reads this blog regularly they might have noticed that despite my promise to post regularly (like everyday) about a month ago post stopped all together. Well, they probably won’t be back to a daily affair, but I will try to post a little more often out here. So you probably want to hear why the situation changed, well quite dramatically. It is quite simple I got a new job (more like a job, since this is technically my first real one) in another city, with a very rapid turn over.

Since this is a very publish form and that I’m a relatively private person I will not give information about my employer here. I’ll say that my post is as a physicist and what I’m doing is R&D (research and devellopment). It is a very interesting job, with a lot of new challenges; I must say that what I’m doing is very different that a PhD in astrophysics, but the skill set is roughly the same.

As for the move well here is roughly the story of how I got the job and where I am now. After finally, resigning myself to needing money and getting an interview thanks to a friend for a minimum wage job, I went out to get something for dinner. When I came back home, I had not one but two messages on my machine. First message telling me that I was hired at the minimum wage place and that I started Monday, second message from a place I had applied to looking for a physicist and wanting to see me for an interview Tuesday. It was 16h55 on a Friday, with little hope I called back to see what it was actually about and if I could reschedule my interview a day I wouldn’t be working, not expecting an answer given the time. Well minutes later, I got a call back. Scheduling a small interview for the next day (Saturday), it went well and we planned for another interview with the company I would by working with owner. Fast-forward the following Friday, where during a trip to Montréal to see a friend I took a detour (thank you Isabelle for the lift) to Sherbrooke to meet with the owner and my interviewer.

So in a rather long interview (that felt really short) I was offer a relatively well paying job in Sherbrooke. Which I accepted and to reduce the financial burden I was, decided to start two week from the interview. So in these two weeks, I found an apartment in Sherbrooke, planned and executed a move and got ready to start a new job. Afterward well there was the settling in period in a new city and here we are now I can write again on this blog. Look forward to more of my thoughts and ideas.

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Minkowski said...

I wish you the best of luck in your new job. You'll see that R&D can be very demanding, but it can give a lot in return.

(and now there is one less unemployed PhD)