Saturday, December 03, 2011

The ever new universe

Today watching the Star Wars the clone war cartoon series I noticed something that really annoyed me. The ever new universe, what I mean is that the new enemies or species encountered never seem to be using Starship, weapon or architecture we have seen before in the universe.  While that might make sense in universe where the characters are always at the edge of their known space and encountering species we have never seen before, it really breaks down in Star Wars.

The galactic republic is supposed to have existed for some 20 000 years, it’s culture and law been respected all over the galaxies. While it is understandable that the variety of starship and architecture we could encounter in a galaxy is way beyond what we could see in a tvserie, it also stand to reason that better design would be more prevalent (or at least design with better marketing teams). And there will be probably some form of standardization over large market, particularly if some group try to join one of the major faction (in the clone war era we are talking Separatist and Republic) either there will have ship that are on part with both, or they will ask for ship to improve their fleet to be on part with both (so as to not get overwhelmed in battle) leading to a standardization of ship.

Now that not the only mater, according to the expended universe Star Wars, some ship are supposed to be very common like the YT-1300 (the base hull for the Millennium falcon) yet how many do we see in the movies and tv series?

Now do not think I’m saying that Star Trek is better, far from it. It had the opportunity with Enterprise of showing first contact with many iconic race of the Star Trek universe. Instead we got new species of the week that was never heard from before even if they brought incredible technology to the federation (holodeck anyone?). I guess what I’m trying to say is: writer innovation is great, but get a feel for the universe first and showing things we’ve seen before might actually be a great think to produce a sense of internal consistency in your universe.

So some news

If anyone reads this blog regularly they might have noticed that despite my promise to post regularly (like everyday) about a month ago post stopped all together. Well, they probably won’t be back to a daily affair, but I will try to post a little more often out here. So you probably want to hear why the situation changed, well quite dramatically. It is quite simple I got a new job (more like a job, since this is technically my first real one) in another city, with a very rapid turn over.

Since this is a very publish form and that I’m a relatively private person I will not give information about my employer here. I’ll say that my post is as a physicist and what I’m doing is R&D (research and devellopment). It is a very interesting job, with a lot of new challenges; I must say that what I’m doing is very different that a PhD in astrophysics, but the skill set is roughly the same.

As for the move well here is roughly the story of how I got the job and where I am now. After finally, resigning myself to needing money and getting an interview thanks to a friend for a minimum wage job, I went out to get something for dinner. When I came back home, I had not one but two messages on my machine. First message telling me that I was hired at the minimum wage place and that I started Monday, second message from a place I had applied to looking for a physicist and wanting to see me for an interview Tuesday. It was 16h55 on a Friday, with little hope I called back to see what it was actually about and if I could reschedule my interview a day I wouldn’t be working, not expecting an answer given the time. Well minutes later, I got a call back. Scheduling a small interview for the next day (Saturday), it went well and we planned for another interview with the company I would by working with owner. Fast-forward the following Friday, where during a trip to Montréal to see a friend I took a detour (thank you Isabelle for the lift) to Sherbrooke to meet with the owner and my interviewer.

So in a rather long interview (that felt really short) I was offer a relatively well paying job in Sherbrooke. Which I accepted and to reduce the financial burden I was, decided to start two week from the interview. So in these two weeks, I found an apartment in Sherbrooke, planned and executed a move and got ready to start a new job. Afterward well there was the settling in period in a new city and here we are now I can write again on this blog. Look forward to more of my thoughts and ideas.