Thursday, October 13, 2011

New beginnings of sort

It’s been more than a year since my last blog post. More then a year ago, after I had successfully defended my PhD thesis and looked hopefully toward the future, I asked where do I go from there?

More than a year in which my life seems to have stagnated, I spent this year first as a post-doc place holder to work on some papers (still to be published), then as a full time unemployed person looking for work (the hours are very flexible, but the pay sucks). I’m still at this step, now close to a year after the official end of my PhD, I still don't know where I will go from there.

It has been the darkest (so far) year of my life, economically and emotionally. First applying to jobs after jobs and receiving not even an hint of interest, then applying to still more jobs and getting a few interviews, but always falling into second, third or worse place. It all hit me hard, very hard and I think it is why I return to my blog, writing is a creative venture, a way to express the pent up anger and unreleased emotions.

I plan on returning to a more regular posting schedule, changing the name: the astronomer and the universe isn’t me anymore. Well, no it’s still me, but it’s a faint part of me, a part I am proud of, but far from what I am now and from where I am trying to go. I will try to change the design too; this blue lack luster theme is so passé. And I will probably change what I will post about, my life might look like it stagnated in the last year or so, but I am not the same person I was July 21st 2010. I’ve learned about myself, I’ve grown and changed, I still love science, debate, RPG, and of course I’m still one of the biggest geek I know but in a different way. New beginning it will be, new thoughts, new words, new rants, new questions, and hopefully new readers. My words will probably be but brief flickers of electrons in this small corner of the web, but I take pleasure in writing them, pleasure in expressing myself this way, pleasure in my geekyness and love of life. Hopefully, they will entertain you.


Minkowski said...

Don't give up. You'll see the photons at the end of the tunnel.

Are you looking for anything that will change the bits of your bank account from zeros to ones or have you set a "dignity limit"?

Anyway, I'll keep an eye open.

Astrogeek said...

At the moment, I'm almost at the point of simply finding a job to set the bits from 0 to 1, the dignity limit is a great concept.. when you have a job or money in the bank, both of which fail to apply to me at the moment.