Sunday, October 16, 2011

More annoyance with Windows 7

After more than one year of having nothing but good things to say about windows 7, once again tonight one of its behavior just make me go, WTF. I was playing an MMO (DDO, which is my MMO of choice at the moment) and suddenly the game quit, my software started to close themselves automatically and windows started to reboot by itself. After getting the don’t turn off your computer windows is updating itself and seeing the computer reboot and tell me the windows updating itself message, I figured that the cause was the windows update process…

Well of course, apparently the default behavior is install the updates right fucking now, including rebooting automatically for maximum annoyance to the user. How can anyone think that any user could want this kind of behavior? Force quitting everything and rebooting with minimal input (none in my case, it might have been a pop up with a timer, but it didn’t acquire focus from the game I was playing so I could not stop it) is not a good way to proceed with update. At worse, put up periodic message to remind the user to reboot or if no user process are currently running send a timed message asking for reboot that will automatically reboot if no user process is started in the next 2-3 minutes.  Hopefully that will be my last complain with windows 7, I actually like the OS right now and would hate to start feeling it is just another annoyingly bad iteration of windows.

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Minkowski said...

I hope you will also appreciate another new "feature" of windows 7, which is: Prevent computers not running windows 7 from seeing you on a network.