Saturday, October 15, 2011

Again with R2D2 and C3P0, please let them be background characters again…

I’ve been following the new Stars Wars: the Clone Wars tv series and it is generally much better than the prequel movies. But the last two episodes that concentrate on the adventure of R2D2 and C3P0, well the bumbling adventure would be more accurate. While I’m not opposed to a comic relief episode (except when the comic is Jar Jar) it is always problematic to have these kinds of episode in what is basically the worse war in Galactic history (if you follow the Star Wars mythos at least).

While it makes sense that these stories occurred within the confine of the war, while in hell would you tell them before other stories in the war? Particularly since they don’t even have background effect on the course of the war or developpement of important characters. I could understand if the bumbling adventure caused a new ally to join the Republic or if they somehow thwarted a side plot of Grievous or Dooku (considering the quality of planning we do see from these two, they must have millions of side plots that can be thwarted by five years old, and not the smart kind of five years old).  But that is another problem with the whole clone war stuff in Star Wars, we are supposed to find Grievous and Dooku to be dangerous shaker and mover of the galaxies that almost defeated the republic (under the direction of Palpatine), but well lets just say that Palatine did not pick the sharpest crayon in the box (probably for a reason, the republic command doesn’t seem to be made from much shaper crayon).

Lastly, there is the scale of things, I understand that in a movie you might or “live” TV show you do not want to have too many battle involving thousands of ships and droids on screen (or even more than a few dozen). But this is a animated show, you can easily put more than a few Venator or Banking Clan Frigate in a combat, make us feel like the resources of the republic and separatist fleets are galaxy sized not small poor country sized. Oh and one last complain, please let the separatist win on screen once in a while, with so many defeat it’s a wonder they do not simply give up and ask the jedi for forgiveness.

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Minkowski said...

They should make some episodes with Jar Jar Binks... so that we can hate him some more.