Saturday, October 15, 2011

The advice you receive when you are single.

I’ve been single a while now and I have received (and read online) quite a few advices on how to find a girlfriend.  Some of them are self-contradictionary, other strange and some more puzzling. Let’s looks at a few, and if you ever gave me one ore more of these advice don’t be insulted by my comment, it is only in the name of humor.

You’ll find someone when you stop looking.
All right, I can speak from experience to say that it doesn’t really work, without looking I have yet to find a girlfriend (well I’d say that looking hasn’t been that much more successful).

You have to put yourself out there if you want to find someone.
While not looking I suppose? What putting yourself out there means is not always clear.

To find the girl you’ll love you have to do what you love.
What else do you think I’m doing? You don’t think I go running around doing things I hate right?

It’s a number’s game, flirt with enough girls and one is bound to fall in love with you.
Now, wow that does sound like good advice annoy girl until you find one that pity you enough to be seduced. Ok, I’m behind cynical here, but flirting with girl I don’t find interesting just in case I find someone that might want to date me sound like a very bad base on which to build a relationship.

Well my cynicism is satisfied for a moment so I will skip the other advices for now. Ok, it’s not just my cynicism it’s also “humor” that can’t follow with more bad jokes.

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Minkowski said...

Everything you've mentioned can be summarized into a single sentence:

Put yourself out there doing what you love and flirting with anyone, but don't look for anything, and the numbers will do the magic for you.