Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where Do We Go from Here?

Well it is done, I have defended by phd thesis and the jury has found my research impressive enough to grant me the title of Doctor (well Philosophiae Doctor to be precise but still). But now I am let with the question: “Where do I go from here?” For the past two years or so I’ve looked at job offer and applied to a few job, with depressing result (only one interview) but I had problem being serious about it. Now I think I’ve finally (well not really recently still I’ve got to speak about that problem) come to understand why. I don’t know what I want to do.

You see I’m convinced that my studies and experience in research have given me a truck load of skill that would be usefull in a array of fields (from scientific research to statistical modeling of economics and many more). The biggest problem being convincing an employer that the skill I’ve devolleped can be usefull for his compagny. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve got the people skill to make a pretty good case for myself and convince quite a lot of people to at least try me out. But now I’m left with the question, whom do I want to convince?

Simply put I could send out resume and CV to just about every compagny that might, in a blue moon, hire a physics phd but do I want do? And more importantly, if I’m just fishing for a job how can I convince anyone of my worth? I’ve got to hurry tho I won’t be paid for writing articles forever (probably 1-2 months top) and it would be better to have a job to at least pay my bills by then.

So well, there is a good news for the few reader that are left, and that is that I will probably post more often. Posting things about my job search and it result (or lack of) and my thoughts about where I want to go with my lift. I hope you will enjoy the show and that I will find a job soon.