Wednesday, February 10, 2010

State of the astrogeek

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while now, novembre 2009 if I believe the last edit notice from blogger or july if I believe my word document where I keep most of my recent post. So since Anyflower asked and because I’ve been hitching to post again, here is a short post on the state of the Astrogeek today, it should be followed by a long post (the first of a many) to asnwer yofed challenge about math from the last time we’ve met.

So where is the Astrogeek at now? Well I’ve finished the writing part of my thesis… I’ve had finished that in june 2009 anyway. At the moment I’ve sent my thesis for the first part of correction where one professor read the 431 pages of it and comment on what I should change to make it acceptable for the next step: the evaluation part. Hopefully very little will need to be changed and all the change will be cosmetics. On a more personal note, well I’m still single. I’ve meet a few girl but nothing came out of it. I’m looking for a job so if you’d know any one looking for a phd in physics send them my way. Well, so that’s mostly it, I’ll give more news as stuff happen I guess.

On an unrelated note: screw you word 2008 stop putting html/xml tags in my copy-paste!


anyflower said...

I think you should apply for a permanent role as the Sheldonator in the Big Bang Theory show. Only you could always have the perfect answer to his blurbs!

yofed said...

Hurray! You're still alive!

I agree with Prettyflower, I'd love seeing you in a conversation with Sheldon, that would be hilarious!