Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where as astrogeek being?

Hi, very faithfull reader to still be coming here after what 4 months semi hiaitus is very commendable. So, Anyflower asked if I’ve being either dating or writing and surprisingly the answer is: both. Mostly writing but still I went on a few date with a nice woman, it didn’t work out in the end but still it was fun going out a few times and meeting her. There’s not much else to say, an aborted relationship and a new friendship are not really post worthy in the situation.

Now about that thesis writing, well it’s still not done (I’m procrastinating by writing on this blog at the moment) but it’s close. I’m at more then 400 pages, 13 of my 14 chapters written down, and only the conclusion needs to be finished. Ok, the last 3 chapters will probably need a major revision before I can call them truly finished but at least the first draft is writen down and most of the idea are there.

The next step, once I’m done with that first draft of a conclusion is seriously looking for a job. I’ve half heartedly looked in the past year or so, but when you’re not sure how long it will be until you’ve finished writing you’re a little less attractive to prospective employers. So in the next few weeks I’ll be looking forward to getting paid more then minimum wage.

Now for the final thing that keeps me from this blog, I’ll be moving very soon, after a month of hell thanks to my landlord renovation of my appartement for his future use. Yes, that cheap on his part and his employee are apparently not the best construction around because they start project but apparently don’t finish them… it’s been about a month now, there are 5 projects started in or around my apparentement and none of them are completed. Hell one of them has not moved in 2 weeks and the only thing left to do is put in stairs! It’s now way beyond the point where I feel I’ve been cheated by his settelement. What he gave me falls way short of the annoyance his work caused me. Not to mention his latest annoyance, he called me on the 23rd late in the evening to tell me that someone would be working in my apparement on the 24th in the morning… I’m sorry but last time I looked 8 hours is a lot less then 24, particularly when you’ll be bothering someone on a holiday at ungodly hours in the morning.

Well I’ll be gone from there soon, that might not mean I’ll write more on the blog but at least I’ll have one less annoyance in my life.

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Thanks to the prettiest flower, I managed to read this in a timely manner... Anyway, congrats on your writing, and please let me know your new adress!