Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leave my internet alone!

Once again Quebec’s artistic community is asking the CRTC to impose regulation on the internet. They want to force TV and radio station that stream content online to follow the same quota and regulation that the non-internet radio must face. Once again the argument to justify those regulation comes from the idea that we must protect our culture. Ok, lets make something clear: If I’m not watching your TV, listening to your Radio or reading your newspaper it’s probably because your culture isn’t mine. STOP fracking trying to force me to listen, read and watch your crap, produce something of quality and you can be sure I will read, listen or watch it but for the moment you’re of not interest to me. Imposing more regulation on my internet content will only push me farther away from your culture and will insure that I will look to go elsewhere. I want to be free, not controled, I want access to information and content not censorship, I’m an adult human being I can decide for myself what is right or wrong from me (provided I have the information of course) so I don’t need you to control, censor or decide for me. So please, CRTC, Quebec artist and whoever else want to regulate the internet: LEAVE MY INTERNET ALONE!

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