Thursday, February 12, 2009

Annoying rule bound people

Ok, I like to write, I mostly follow conventions of writing and even if my spelling tends to be atrocious my text structure and ideas are usually above average. One thing I don’t do when writing is assume that there are strict don’t break or the police will arrests you rules in the format of the text. For example I believe that I can write a 4 paragraph long introduction for a text, even if the text is only about 10 paragraphs long, simply because I can use the paragraph divisions as a way to bring forth the topics the following paragraphs will develop. Sure in some case it might be better to write only a single paragraph for the introduction but it’s not rule, I don’t have to use only a single paragraph or else my text won’t be read by anyone and will spontaneously combust.

Now, I agree that there are “rules” for writing text, there is a certain order to the paragraphs and the introduction usually precede the conclusion. But the format of each of the part can be pretty loose, and trying to enforce a set up is writing by rote, not understanding writing. It following a recipe for a text instead of cooking your own, while that is not bad it can lack a certain level of originality and it can often make for dry text and in my opinion most of those people would make pretty bad poetry writers.

Ok, that just a minor inconvenience, but I suffered through it today so I’m gonna share it with you. What the person really wanted to say was that my introduction was too long, and he was right it was. However it was not too long because I use three paragraphs, it was too long because I was too verbose and went into too many details in my examples. In a way I was using a story as an introduction for the rest of my text and telling the story in one paragraph would make for one giant weird looking paragraph so I split it off where the ideas demands it, in a way the introduction is it’s own text, with an introduction to the story, the story itself and a short conclusion that introduce the main topic of the text. I do not think I have to do all that in a paragraph, in fact I’m sure that it would harder to read.

Ok, enough ranting about a minor thing oh and in case the person reads my blog that rant is not directed at you, you just triggered something that had been waiting for a event to be released.

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