Thursday, January 15, 2009

TV science

As someone studying in science I must say that I find most tv series to pathetically bad at science. Most of science fiction use the concept of the super scientist, you know the guy he’s got a phd in Astrophysics but can in flash splice the genome of a new species, find the cure to an alien disease, understand language dead from millenia and of course build from scratch a device that interface amazingly advance technology with the USB port of a computer (what I call the Atlantis offense). Still that gringe worthy but well it’s not that bad and it can be considered an artistic license.

However, somethings are really scarry, you know the basic highschool science failure kind of thing. Like for example in the last Knight Rider (yeah they remade that) we saw a plane go beyond his ceiling, which could have made the presure destroy the plane while keeping a ground speed of more then 100 miles per hours and finally flying away from an exploding nuclear weapon (and surviving with it’s cargo door opened!). Now that like 7 imposible things before breakfast, a plane cannot go beyond his ceiling, the plane ceiling is the maximum altitude it’s wing can find enough air for it to fly. Past the ceiling, the plane doesn’t fly… so imagine 20 000 feets above the ceiling.

But still depite it’s outrageous science Knight Rider irks me far less the Fringe. Fringe is a show where “fringe” science is real, you know speaking to the dead, raising the dead, airborn chemicals that melt skin, instant cloning and all the rest of the paranormal stuff. In itself it as nothing to make me cringe but well it adresse everything with pseudo-scientific jargon, they also try to make everything sound scientific…. But they still get basic high school level knowledge wrong. Not to mention that the show isn’t that good.

But you know what really made me stop watching Fringe, while I’m still watching Knight Rider is that the first take itself seriously while the second doesn’t. Knight Rider science is outrageously wrong, mentally retarded wrong in fact, but the whole show fits in a parallele universe where holywood laws of physics rule. Fring on the other an take itself very seriously, the are a serious investigative team, involved in countering the patern in wich evil scientist experiment on the world, thankfully they have one scientist on their side who can explain everything “scientifically”.

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anyflower said...

I totally agree about sci-fi shows with super scientists. On the other hand, don't you wish you were as smart as Samantha Carter? Well, I wish I could be as good as Dr. Jackson with languages and understanding cultures! It's all about the dream :-)