Sunday, January 11, 2009

A themed week

Last week, had a theme, a very annoying theme if you ask me but a theme nonetheless. The theme cancelled games. You see last week I was supposed to have 4 games, one Sunday, one Wednesday, one Saturday and one today. My first Sunday was cancel because of the DM note having any time to prepare since he was working over the holyday. Next my Wednesday game was cancelled because of snow, Wednesday night was one of the first snow storm of the year over here. Just as I am starting to see the patern emerging, my Saturday game is cancled on Thursday, because of one of the players being sick and hers and another player’s child being sick so no game. Then tonight, well I hadn’t hear from that game DM about a game so I send out an e-mail and made a few phone, turns out… no game tonight DM still isn’t ready. That’s what I would call a theme week, every single game I was supposed to have has been cancel.


yofed said...

That bites! These people suck! I would not labour stop my man go to his game!... ok, well I might ask him to keep an eye on the kids, but still... no sickness should stop a game, unless it's the DM who is half dead!!!

yofed said...

And thinking about it, what kind of DM is the one who is not ready on time???

Astrogeek said...

Well he is the kind of DM that work in retails and did not get any vacantion over the holidays. So I can forgive him for not being ready last week, I'm more puzzled by this week absence but those kind of things happen.

As for the sick people well, when you have to travel 300 km for a game and don't have a baby sitter sickness kinda stop it. Its suck but better a cancelled game that a game no one enjoy.

yofed said...

300km for a game? That's what I call dedication! lol

BTW, my man says he would love to cross swrods with you some day!