Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taureau Rouge Glace Concassée

What is:”Taureau rouge Glace concassé” well that would be the french title for the Red Bull Crashed Ice event (that not an official translation, but the words are all correctly translated). Why would I speak about a non-existing translation of a sporting event name? Well you see this week-end in Quebec City, were hosting the what seems to be becoming an annual event of the Red Bull Crashed Ice, and their has been a manifestation to give the event a french name. Now, that perfectly reasonable… if the manifestation was done by people from Quebec City in Quebec City, the problem is the manifestation was held in Montreal, by people from Montreal.

Excuse me Montrealer, don’t you have enough problem with the well everything about your city (remember, in the last year part of the subway threaten to collapse, many important water conduit broke, you lost the Canada’s formula one race and not to mention report that the main bridge into the island is not that safe anymore)? I don’t think we need more of your opinion about what is happening in Quebec City, please let us enjoy our sports and well work out to fix your city. Oh and BTW, if Quebec ever become a part of the Red Bull Air Race, I sincerely hope it will remain the Red Bull Air Race and not some weird french translation of the words.

Remember if you want French name for your event, start them yourself don’t complain when someone else comes in to host an even and doesn’t call it to your sensibilities. Beside, I don’t think anyone is forcing you to watch the event and if you don’t like the name don’t participate it will move away if no one get involved you know.

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