Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting the day well

This day started well, and aside from the minor annoyance of the federal budget went pretty well. I’ll go into how the day started well, it’s quite average but it really set the tone for the day. The day started exactly like every other and well seems to be normal or boring, until I got into the bus. I sat down, in a mostly empty bus so that a nice plus then, a mother with her small kid (can’t be more then 1 years old). About 5 second after the kid sat down he (or she I’m not sure, you with the winter clothes and all) started laughting, the pure, cute laught of a child. All along the bus ride, the little one keep smiling at people and laughting whenever someone winked or smiled at him. That made my day great, the kid laughting and smiling; sometimes it’s the smallest thing.

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anyflower said...

AAAAAAAAH! Be gone with your children posts... now I hear the bio-clock ticking again! Really, really, not nice of you, LOL.