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Stargate:Atlantis is over, finally

Stargate: Atlantis is over, finally.

Tonight marked the abrubt ending of the Stargate: SG-1 spinoff of Stargate: Atlantis, while the serie had a very good beginning and lot of potential for great stories, something missfired and made the serie sucky. My observation is that the serie generation coincided with the end of Stargate: SG-1, i.e. the transfer of writer from the old serie to the new serie and the weird decision to aim for self-contained episodes instead of a season wide story. This lead to faillure to have any kind of continuity and lead to increased convoluted ideas and stupidity to make the plot of the week posible while still keeping a semblance of evoluting setting.

This is while I’ve decided in the post to talk about reimagining Stargate: Atlantis. I want to talk about what I would have done with it, how the initial story would have progressed and all that. I won’t go into 5 seaons of episode but I will try to go with the main lines and the critical season opening, mid season two-parter and season ending episode. So without further introduction here is Season 1:

Season 1:
Season opening:
Pilot episode would remains largely the same, Atlantis crew find itself on Atlantis with no way to get back to Earth, in the process of exploring the nearby planets of the galaxy meet with Teyla and encounter the Wraith. After invading the Wraith sleeper ship they keep the keeper and awaken this ship and it’s hive. The Atlantis expedition find itself at risk from an enemy that appeartly defeated the Ancients.

Before the mid-season episode, The Genni:
While looking for allies against the Wraith and supplies to feed Atlantis, Teyla brings the explorer group to the Genni home planets. While investigating strange neutron radiation reading the team discover that the Genni are much more numerous that any other planet they have seen before AND possess technologie on part with Cold War Earth. After being found the expedition is capture by the Genni, with a demonstration of superior technology and the revelation that the nearest Hive should be awakening. Humanity and the Genni strike a deal to try and destroy the Hive mothership. Follows the desatrous success of the mission, while the nuclear weapon destroy the mothership loses amongts the Genni are high because the Atlantis expedition refused to leave behind humans captured by the Wraith to be feed upon. The end is the same as with the initial Genni episode in the serie, the Atlantis expedition makes a new ennemi, the Genni.

Mid-season: Wraith awakening
The team find itself trapped on a world the Wraith are culling, while the Genni are building a weapon to destroy the Wraith destroyer in orbit doing the culling. Mckay is capture by the Genni and the rest of the team must dodge the Wraith dart and attemp a rescue attemp the construction of the Genni rocket progress rapidly, with Mckay’s help the nuclear weapon it supposed to be carried is improved the Earth standard, notably with the inclusion of naquada (revealing in the process the usefulness of the mineral to the Genni). The episode ends with Wraith dart attacking the Genni position after the rocket as been launched.

Second part:
As the Wraith dart are attacking the rocket hit and inflict critical damage on the destroyer. The destroyer crash land and unleash a torrent of Wraith on the population making the situation not that much better. The Atlantis team manages to rescue Mckay but with the Wraith in number on the surface and protected by dart they require the Genni help to get off world. Both the Genni and the team finally get off world and split off after a tense face-off, but facing Atlantis superior weaponry the Genni team backs off. The last scene of the episode show Sheppar asking Mckay where he’d lose his weapon.

Season final: The Storm, part I
This would be the season 1 mid-season that we got to see, the Genni trick the expedition and manage to invade a low on personel Atlantis during a catastrophic storm.

Season 2
Season opening: The Storm, part II
This would be the season 1 mid-season that we got to see, the Genni trick the expedition and manage to invade a low on personel Atlantis during a catastrophic storm. Sheppar manage to repel the invsion and the take a prisonner. Unfortunatly investigation reveals that a lot of advanced weapon and munition were stolen during the Genni retreat.

Before the mid season: The Genni
This would be the first in a serie over the season of episode feature Genni exploration team. We would not see anyone from Atlantis instead we would be following the Genni equivalent of the SG team. We would see what Earth could have been with less regard for exploration and more of a focus of survival and the aquiring of technologie no matter the cost. In short the Genni would be a dark reflexion of Earth.

mid-season:Distress call
While investigating a distress call on the ancient newly working sensor thanks to the fabrication by the expedition of a few new naqueda generator (naqueda is more common in the Pegasus galaxie then in the milky way) the team find itself in the middle of a Wraith gathering point. We see the Wraith fleet of 3 motherships and a few destoyer gathering for some mission that is still unknown. Using the cloaked jumper the team tries to locate the source of the distress call. They find it on the planet coming from a crashed ancient ship. It’s automatic system detected ships in orbit and activated its destress becon. Of course the Wraith laid a trap and manage to caputre the team

mid-season: Discovery
The episode open with the team trapped on a Wraith cruiser and Wraith very intrigued by the team appearance with highly technical item on a planet with no indigenous human population and with only a space gate. Thanks to Teyla previously unknown Wraith DNA they manage to hack into part of the ship computer and escape using a Wraith landing craft. The episode ends with the Wraith searching on the ground near the crashed ancient ship and finding the cloaked puddle jumper by running into it. One of the noble Wraith looks and the other and says as the screen fade to black:”It is as a we though Atlantis as risen from the sea.”

Before the season final: Letters from Atlantis
This episode is almost exactly the Letter from Pegasus season 1 episode.

Just before the season Final: The stand
The Wraith fleet is in route, the Atlantis expedition is preparing to abandon the city when the gate activate. It’s the SG-1 and as soon as the shield is lowered, soldier carrier heavy equipement come running into the Atlantis gate room. For a whole 28 minutes, soldier and equipement is being rush in Atlantis as tightly pack as possible. The leader of this new force inform Dr Weir that Stargate Command as decided that Atlantis secrets where too valuable to destroy and they send a force to defend the city with the most modern hardware human possess. He also mention that a small fleet of human warship is in route toward Atlantis, one should be there in a few days thanks to a ZPM plugged in a retrofitted ancient hyperdrive. The rest of the fleet should be there in a month. New and improved generator are plug-into every critical system they can power. Unfortunatly the shield would require more power then the human can produce without a ZPM. Luckily a few ancient weapon can be powered and the Asgard-tech weapons the human have build should be a nasty surprise for the Wraith. The season end on a massive Wraith fleet existing hyperspace above the planet and unleashing a torrent of dart.

Season final: rolling the dice
The Deadelus is still hours away from Atlantis and the Wraith dart are falling like plague of locus on the city. The defender put on a great fight, stoping the wraith initial assault completely thanks to very heavy anti-aircraft fire the like of which the Wraith have never seen in before. The seacon wave of attack include heavier Wraith attack craft some of which manage to land despite the heavy defense of Atlantis. Part of the fighting is moving to the streets of the city and yet more and more Wraith craft are being sent down. Finally the human defender fire the Asgard weapon to the ship in orbit instead of the incoming craft hoping to destroy the ship while still in orbit. The plan succeed however in retaliation the orbiting start firing at the defensless city, knocking out the asgard weapon on the first salvo and the moving to secondary batteries, without shield Atlantis is doomed.

Season 3:

Season opening, part II: Only the dead won’t weep
Explosion rock the city, the defenseur slowly retreat toward the city spire, destroying teleporters and computer terminal on their way out. Everything seems bleak, the Deadelus should still be horus away, the Wraith are gaining ground and the teams are hard pressed to destroy every computre access to the city before the Wraith capture the ground. Weir orders the destruction of the city just as an hyperspace window open: the Deadelus as arrived. With is shield and weapon powered by the ZPM the opening salvo from the ship destroying one the Wraith mothership. The Wraith are trown into disarray, their fleet is not quite large enough to destroy what they think is a new model of Ancient vessels. Under fire from the Earth ship the Wraith fleet flees leaving it’s ground troop without support and without protection againts the human ship and teleporters. Not only is Atlantis saved but it as gained a fully charge ZPM. However the episode end on a scene from one the Wraith mothership bridge, the Queen whispers to her ship captain: “The Ancient are back in Atlantis, we need to waken the other hives.”

Before the mid part: Unexpected surprise
Previous episode have shown strange symbole poping up on ancient computer since the ZPM has been plug-in and we see one of the expedition repair team moving along a corridor to repair a computer terminal that as been destroyed in the fighting only to find it fully repaired and fonctional. As the fighting with the Genni and the Wraith appears to be in a cease fire, Mckay explore the new possibility availlable to the city now that it as a ZPM as a power source. It finds that the city as rerouted power to many previously unused areas and that at least two of the unknown symbole are related to this area. After every commercial break, we come back to teams of P90-like weapon equiped Genni exploring and fighting strange creature in some unknown ruins. As the Atlantis team learn that the city is now repearing part of itself it also find that the city as tremondous manufacturing capability, as exposed by the fact that the city as build 2 more ZPM and require human input to plug them in it’s power generation system. The episode ends with the Genni existing the ruins, many wounded but smilling an carrying a device we recognize as a ZPM.

Mid-season: the ennemy
Atlantis sensors are now fully back only and they detect a fleet for Wraith warship heading for the Genni homeworld. Discussion follows about the morality of warning or not warning the Genni, warning finally comes as the solution and a team is prepare to be send with the warning to the Genni planet as the main team is away gathering intelligence on Genni activity. The gate open and the team comes through but does not radio back, humanity witness the first other civilisation to have put an Iris over it’s gate. The Atlantis expedition nonetheless tries to contact the Genni via radio to warn them of the danger. The Genni do not answer and the gate closes. After the main team arrival it is decided that three of the 2 of the 5 ship defending Atlantis will be sent to try and help the Genni. The episode ends with the Deadelus and the Apollo opening hyperspace windows.

Well, I’m gonna stop here tonight I’ve got ideas for still a few season but this post is already long enough and I’m getting tired of writing. Tell me what you think, wouln’t this be better then the Atlantis we’ve had. Putting the Genni as the secondary ennemies a dark mirror of Earth’s humanity, the Wraith as a slightly overconfident enemy that won against the Ancient mainly by numbers not technologie or tactic and mostly no FUCKING REPLICATORS!

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