Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So about that girlfriend issue

Well since you haven’t seen any announcement on facebook that my relationship status as changed you probably guessed that there hasn’t been any change in that area of my life. You might think it is because of my astronomical standard for a girlfriend or that I’m simply too geeky to get a girl. While both might have something to do with it, I’m pretty sure it as more to do with my lack of social life at the moment, aside from gaming with my friends and my salsa classes I’m basically spending all my time in front my Mac typing away at my thesis.

Now, in the last few years I’ve gotten to the point where I believe that the most important factor in getting date is being out there. Without much of a social life there is very little chance your gonna find anyone. Even dating web site, while they are useful and can work will not be very successful if the only thing you are doing is looking at pictures of woman and not sending hundreds upon hundreds of messages (and that’s in the hope of getting a few answers).

So how do I feel about still being single? Well, honestly, I pretty much don’t care at the moment. I’ve got little to no time to spend on thinking about a date, no woman I’m interested in hooking up and very little change of meeting any and well I’m so unsure of my near future situation as to make meeting someone problematic. Just imagine if the only job get ends up three continent away… got to be the shortest relationship in the history of thing lasting longer then a one night stand. In short, I’m not worrying about, I still feel lonely at time but I guess that can’t be help, you can fell lonely in crowd so I guess it’s not hard to feel lonely when you alone.

Oh well, that was the romantic situation update, don’t worry most of the future post won’t be about things like that, beside it‘s not like I need someone’s approval to write on my blog. Not to mention that I don’t think I’ll get a girlfriend through well this blog, even tho at least one woman started speaking me because of it… hmm hey you never know.

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