Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recreating the battle of the “Plaine d’Abraham”

Apparently for the 250th anniversary of the Battle on the Plaine d’Abraham, the Canadian Battlefield commision as decided to recreate the battle in Quebec City on the plains. While the idea as some merits, it is afterall the battle that deceided much of the fate of Canada. However, it is a french defeat and the french speaking majority in Quebec associate itself with the french for some reason, I’m guessing it’s the kisses. Now, the historical value of the battle is indeniable, but well I kind of a thing agains celebrating defeat and I can justly imagine that the separatist of Quebec will see any comemoration of the Battle will be seen as a slap in the face. I don’t oppose slapping the separatist movement in the face (expecially with it’s current leaders), I think that many Quebecers will feel slapped with such a celebration. It’s a very thorny issue I guess. Hmm maybe there is a way to make such a recreation in a way that won’t make Quebecers looks like losers, we could for example make a demonstration not protesting the recreation but honoring the French’s death that fought villiantly, even if they lost, to protect Quebec City. Imagine, a few hundred people all dressed in black watching the baltle. When it ends they walk away in silence up to a cimetary and then a simple word for the French soldiers. I think that this way we both remember the importance of this battle in our history and the value of our french heritage. What do you think about this recreation?


anyflower said...

I think you should write to your deputee about it. I doubt he reads your blog and your idea is very good. Even if I crossed the border to live in Ontario and am not a separatist, I wouldn't like to see a battle recreation in Quebec grounds. No need to say more, you totally got the point in your blog.

Astrogeek said...

Well actually since my federal deputy is form the bloc I already know she opposes the recreation, but unfortunatly not for the right reasons.