Sunday, January 25, 2009

Praying and my atheism

I’ve said in the past that I’d pray for someone or to help someone, and I’ve pray in the past for myself. Now you might go, but asaathi you’re an atheist who the hell are you praying to and why are you doing that?

Actually, when I say I’ll pray for someone it’s mostly because I think (or know) that this person will fell better knowing that I would do that. It’s a way to tell them, I care about what is happening to you and yours and I would like it to be resolved in the best way possible. It as nothing to do with a creator or a god watching and waiting for prayer, and everything to do with sharing the fact that I care.

Now, how about when I pray for myself, well that I think is even easier to explain, first I’m not praying to any particular entities or even something with a conscience or intelligent. Praying is a way to articulate my fear, my hope, my dreams in a way that will make me fell better about them and perhaps find solutions to what ails me. It is a way to vocalize internally what I think, what I have problem with and in a way relieve some of the stress but making the problem more realm and more concrete. It’s also a way to analyze what I feel and think about a problem or a situation. I’m not expecting answers from an outside source or even miraculous occurrence to solve the problem or situation but it does help to talk about it, even if it is only to myself.

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