Monday, January 12, 2009

I wanted a House tonight

No, not the building house but an episode of House, md, well have been hearing for the past month or so that House was moving to Monday. So I expected the first one to be tonight, instead I got two hours of the new season of 24. I’m not really into 24 so you can imagine that it not really I was looking for. Oh, well it not like I’m gonna lose any sleep over missing an episode of House.

On a side note, I’ve been browsing dating site tonight and I’ve realise that education really shows in the message the people use to present themselves and to say what they are looking for. The average message looks a little like this:

“Hey, I’m a fun guy/girl who likes sport, good food and a good bottle of wine one in a while. I’m looking for a girl/guy like to have a little fun and maybe more.”

I kid you not, I just showed you about 90% of all messages over there, no wonder some guy use only the picture when they decide to communicate with a woman. Anyway most educated people will have a much longer message with, well sometimes the above message included but usally as part of something more or as a sarcastic remarque on the quality of messages they see. Oh and you also see that a lot of people have phd apparently… 18 years old with phd that type in SMS and barely string too sentenses together while saying they are studying to be hair dressers claims to have phd. I think it’s proof positive that their very little you can trust on dating sites.

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