Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have Obamamaniistist

Yeah you read it right I’m sick and tired of Obamamania, mainly because that is what is keeping me from learning about Obama and his ideas. Sure Obama’s election is an historic event, the first African American elected to the post of president of the United State of America but we shouldn’t just all degenerate into a blissful unthinking state because it happened. Everywhere I’m turning to find more/learn more about Obama I’m greeted by journalist in the orgasmic bliss that tell me how great they thing he is without telling me a single thing about the man. It getting so bad that I’m actually avoiding news Channels because I’m starting to get angry the coverage, come on there are other things happening in Canada and the world beside Obama’s inauguration.

Also, but this is another rant, STOP DOING VOICE OVER TRANSLATION, I was trying to listen to Obama’s speech yesterday and after a few words in English we get that freaky, whinny voice doing the translation over Obama. Subtitle would have been so much more interesting and would have given me the opportunity to be sure that what I was hearing/seeing was what was actually said. I just can’t help but feel that someone is trying to hide the actual words when they are doing a voice over or that they consider me too stupid to read/understand the words actually spoken.

Anyway, remember journalist Obama did no cure cancer, fight off an alien invasion or staves off world hunger so please please oh pretty please stop treating him like some kind of messiah that as already saved us all from terrible danger. I’ve read part of his inauguration speech and yes he sounds like he as good idea, but give him time to show he can also accomplish them before you pronounce him a saint. Otherwise I’ll star to think your setting him up to fail by making the things people expect him to do actually impossible to achieve.

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