Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Harper might have lost the war to win the battle

The last federal budget was “approved” today by the last of the opposition party giving the conservative the vote they needed to stay in power at least for a while and prevent either an election or a coalition government from two of the three opposition parties. However, to have this budget accepted by at least one of the opposition party, they moved away from their theoretical right measure and embraced a far left lets spend everything we’ve got and then some attitude. It worked, the liberal choose to forgo their words and quit the coalition and vote with the conservative on the budget. However, no one is happy about the budget for the left, already opposed to the Harper government it doesn’t do enough, for the right it is a betrayal of the ideals and promises made during the previous elections.

I think that his will hurt the conservative chances at a majority government far more then anything they have done in the past. Simply because they alienated the people that viewed them as an alternative to the ever increasing bureaucracy and involvement of the state the Liberal and NPD propose. And, like the ADQ in Quebec politic they are still viewed by the more left leaning part of the electorate as dangerous Capitalistic Murderous, Environment Destroying Scumbag, who they would never vote for. In short, they lost the vote that usually go to them, and did not gain any new votes.

Now just imagine how bad things will be for them when the measured proposed fail and all the opposition parties blame them for it saying they did not do enough? Past tentative to save economies by massive spending and investment in infrastructures have not given any positive result, why should we expect it to be different in Canada?

I think the conservative should have gambled the government on making a budget that would have actually helped the economy instead of trying to force it to restart. First, I don’t think the governor general would have given power to the coalition (they are not numerous enough to pass any vote without the bloc which will had only agreed to vote with them on non-confidence vote, meaning the conservative could paralyze government by simply voting against everything) and second I think that people would be intelligent enough to understand while spending billions of dollars when you’re strapped for cash is not a good idea.

Oh well, all this to say that the Canadian left will probably have their wish, Harper and the conservative out of power in the next election. Some will say for the best, other will say it’s about time, many won’t care and the last group will go is there anyone out there would can represent me? That reminds I’ve got to go and see what the green party as to say about the budget, in the last election their fiscal plan was very interesting.

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