Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gaza, Hamas and Israel

Today, the security cabinet of the Iraeli prime minister Ehoud Olmert declared an unilateral cease-fire. To answer this declaration Hamas spokeperson,Faouzi Barhoum: Hamas will not stop fighting. Makes you wonder which side wants peace and security doesn't it?

One side, fires rocket from school, churches, hospital, and residential area trying to hit the same target on the other side and use (according to it's spokenpeople) human shield to deter the other side from striking back. The other side, build shelter from it's citizen, sound alarms and ready drill to try to protect them as much as possible, as in the past let rocket attack go unanswered in the interest of trying the diplomatic solution. Yes, that side also fired bomb and missiles at school, churches, hospital and residential area in the first side, but they also dropped tracs telling the civilian the area would be targeted for bombardement in the day.

I'm not taking side yet, this war is more complex then the actions taken in the last few months, but one side prides itself on it's use of woman, children and elderly as human shield...

edit: Today Hamas as decleared it's own cease-fire to allow the Israely troops to leave the area.

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