Saturday, January 10, 2009

The futur of science-fiction on TV

I’m looking at what has been announced for the next season in term of science fiction serie and I must say it’s not really impressive. In short, there is the last half Season of Battlestar Galactica and the second half of Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicle second season. However I have little hope to see a third season of Terminator, Fox as just moved the serie to Friday night and that usually a dead sentence (as was observe with Firefly and Dark Angel). So what else is in the work?

Well, Stargate:90201.. oups sorry Stargate: Universe, a new hippier Stargate, that sounds like a poor remake of Star Trek: Voyager. In short the show’s premise is that humanity learns that the Stargate ninth symbole is use to open a gate to a gatelaying ship the ancient sent off millenias ago. As can be expected they send an expedition to the ship which find it cannot gate back to Earth and while have to finish the ship mission if they want to see home ever again. Oh, did I mention that the ship is moving and that if they are not fast enough some people might get left behind and that they will be using a younger cast to attract a younger audience.

Also, Capriaca, Battlestar’s first spinoff is supposed to be in the work. It should be a look at how and why the cylons came to be be and maybe part of the first human-cylon war. It looks promissing but given they only gave the widely popular and interesting Battlestar Galactica only 4 seasons worth of money, I can only wonder how long and how deep the serie will be.

And that about all I heard about, kinda depressing. Particularly when you realise that there are new season of just about every reality show that are announced and that American Idol will once again be aired. I know I’m not the usual target democraphic of tv network but I’d at least expect an effort to get me to watch the network. Oh well, I guess it’s back to book and the internet for me. Maybe I should try to write my own series, you never it might not suck as much as instinct tells you it will.

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yofed said...

Oh my, a third installment of Stargate.... haven't they learnt anything yet?

There is an other show they are working on right now is Flashforward, based on the book by Rocert Sawyer. I am not sure what the TV version will be like, but the novel was amazing, so maybe, just maybe we will have something great to watch there.

Have I mentioned I LOVE Robert Swayer? ;)