Thursday, January 08, 2009


Well after the previous monster posts I’ll do a little short and sweet just to inform/remind you that 2009 is the international year of Astronomy. In this year we will celebrate the achievement of humanity in understading it’s place in the universe and the nature and structure of this universe. That we have been looking at the stars, dreaming and trying to understand since the very first breath of sentience does not mean we understand the cosmos. There is still a lot to learn and a lot that will surprise and bring wonder to our world. So joint us astronomers, to celebrate discovery, science and wonder all present in Astronomy.

Happy Internation Year of Astronomy! Clear skies and bright stars for everyone.


yofed said...

It's hard to forget, it's ALL OVER the place, honey! ;)

asaathi said...

Well aren't you the one that was complaining to be suffering from mommy's brain and forgetting everything?

Beside it wouldn't be all over the place if it wasn't here now, you know by definition? ;-)

yofed said...

:P Smart @$$! ;)

I missed your posts! As soon as I have more time to sit down and read, I'll go through the last few ones!

asaathi said...

I'm a smart ass?, I wonder can smart ass be a cute ass too... I wonder.

Anyway, have fun reading my previous post. I'll probably be posting more soon. I have at least one about Stargate: Atlantis coming.

So have fun reading!