Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The 2008 Olympics

I’ll be boycotting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing because of China’s action. China as decided that the foreign journalist covering the games will only have access to the part of the internet that are required for their work. Of course what part of the internet is required for their article is not the journalist prerogative it will the Chinese government’s. Now, I was already touchy about the Olympic because of China’s poor record in freedom of expression and liberty of its own press but if they start to limit ours we should draw a line. Doubly so since China has made a promises 7 years ago that the freedom of the press would be respected for the games. Couple this with China’s failure at providing an acceptable pollution level for the games and China looks like a god damn liar. With all that well no Olympics coverage for me, beside they started the boycott, my blog is barred from China, consider this a reciprocity thing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jazzing it up

I’ve discovered a new Jazz artist: Fredrika Stalh a Swedish/French singer with a beat a quite like and songs that are quite intriguing. At least the few I’ve listened too (her latest album: Tributaires), what really impress me is that she sings in English, French and another language that I’m guessing would Swedish. She’s currently the single artist that I listen to the most on my Ipod.

Speaking of Jazz, I’ve got a urge to play trumpet, don’t ask me why I’d be damn if I can figure it out but I want to play trumpet. Now, I’ve never actually played the trumpet, I’ve played… if you can called that played, the trombone but seriously it can’t be that bad. And somehow I’ve got to fantasy of having a girlfriend that could sing jazz (nothing to do with Fredrika, even if she is hot), weird huh?

Oh by the way if you know any good, 1920 like jazz could you point it to me I feeling like listening to that too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Je me souviens...

This is part of Quebec’s motto, what we always forget is the rest of this motto: Que né sous le lys j’ai grandi sous la rose. Now what in hell could that mean, well it simply means the history of Quebec, our province started as a French colony (Lys being the floral symbol of France) and grew to what it is today under the British (Roses). Nationalist Quebecers should do well to remember that we owe something of ourselves to the English, they are part of us and it is quite easy to realize that when you travel to Europe. We have as much in common with the English that we have with the French and in many cases, more with the English. Quebec’s culture is not the same as the French, neither is the same as the English and we cannot and should not forsake our history for the sake of the fantasy that we are pure unaltered French.

When I read someone complaining about Quebec City, saying that we are bowing our head to the English as slaves or vassal, I get angry. We are not the English vassal, nor are we their slave, nor do we worship their culture and achievement. However, we do realize that we kindred, they are has much our brother as the French are, in fact, historically I would call the English better brothers then the French, they did no abandon us for some sugar. The French people of Quebec, hell all French Canadian are brother to the French and English and are unique. Isn’t it time we see our culture beyond the label of the language, we are so much more then a few words.

So what if we choose to invite someone that sang in English in a show that was completely in English. This is what we choose, this is also part of our history and heritage, do not try to cut us from our past, even the part you might like. For without all of our history, we are loosing a part of ourselves, a part that we shall miss in the future. Je me souviens… indeed I remember and I am proud of all of my history, no matter what language my brothers spoke or what country their ships hailed from.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The God Delusion

I’ve been reading Richard Dawkins’ the God Delusion and I only recently finished it. I must say that while I agree with most of the book I don’t think the case he makes against god is that strong. His case against religion is however overwhelming. The existence of god is impossible to disprove and the inexistence of anything is impossible to prove so it is logical that he cannot make a strong case against god. The case strength of the case against religion finds its strength (at least in my opinion) in the fact that Richard Dawkins bring forth a evolutionary explanation for it. The idea is that religion is a side effect of another traits that is very important for our success as a species.

This trait is what allowed human to survive and thrive by allowing the passage of the knowledge from one generation to the next. This trait will favor young that listen to their elder and follow the rules and explanation given. Now however if at one time one such explanation ends up being god it will get propagated throughout history and humanity. This explanation is very simple and elegant; humanity does need religion and religion is probably not that beneficial for religion but it will occur naturally from our ignorance and our tendency to follow explanation for something.

Also I’d like to address a video I’ve seen on youtube showing the crime of Atheism… Well basically the crime of Communist dictator and Hitler (which is shown in Dawkins’ book to be a religious person…) The author of the video compares the number of death from “Atheism” to those of Christianity (which is already unfair it should actually be compared with its opposite, i.e. Theism) and find that Atheism through the communist dictator and fascism killed millions of people. Well, I would first like to point out that none of these murder where made in the name of Atheism, they where made about and for other ideology by people who where atheist. Now some of those murder where made in the name of ideology that hold atheism as a virtue but I do not thing that put it on the same level as murder in the made of a religion or a god. Still if you want to old atheism responsible for those murder it is your right, I just ask that you do the same for religion.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joss Whedon is clearly a master.

Joss Whedon the creator of such sci-fi masterpieces as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and the remarcable Firefly as done it again with a new web serie called Dr Horrible's Sing along blog. Which can only be described as a blog musical comedy about a supervilian's plan for world domination and his trouble finding love. Yeah, it's sound weird but it amazing, get it soon it's supposed to only be availlable till sunday.

Oh yeah in other news theirs going to be a second season of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicle! yeah!

Cleaning up, the union way

Montreal had a municipal ruling that “forced” citizen of the city to clean the area in front of their home or business to keep the city clean. Sometime ago, the unionized city workers challenged that rule on the ground that it violated their work agreement with the city. Apparently, “forcing” the citizen to clean up after themselves is the same thing as asking unpaid workers to do the work that a unionized worker should be paid to do. Now, I’m wondering about two things related to that: Wouldn’t Montrealer’s clean up after themselves if the law didn’t exist? Why did Montreal need the law for in the first place? Aren’t the union worker paid for this work already?

‘Cause that what the mediator seems to be saying. The union worker won their case based on their argument that the citizen were “stealing” unionized job when they cleaned up as dictated by the law. So on hand, you could say that Montrealers are dirty; they need a law to clean up in front of their home for god’s sake! And on the other hand, you could say that Montreal’s city workers should be fired for demonstrably having failed at part of their job. Come on the city was dirty enough to need a municipal law forcing people to clean up when the unionized worker were apparently already paid to clean up. Unless of course the municipal law was added without a real need, just as part of some politician’s campaign for votes, but well from what I’ve seen of Montreal that’s not the case. I wonder how the union would react if the city choose to fire the workers responsible for the city cleanliness after that ruling, I bet they wouldn’t agree with this interpretation.

Still, one last though, there shouldn’t be a need for such a law. People should be reasonable enough to clean up after their house and the area around it. Sure it’s suck cleaning when someone else made the mess in front of your house but it beats having your house right being a big mess no?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The British invasion isn’t what you think Mr Curzi.

You might have hear that some of Quebec provincial politician (including Mr Pierre Curzi the politician that gave us the : “English might not be allowed to vote in an independent Quebec”) and artist have written a letter to sir McCartney asking him to sing “Gens du pays” with Gilles Vignault in his upcoming gig in Quebec City. Now, aside from the fact that “Gens du pays” sucks as a song and that no one else wants to hear sir McCartney sing it, the justification for this request is brain destroyingly stupid. Listen to this: A British singer singing for Quebec’s 400th would be a symbol of the French defeat on les Plaines d’Abraham and would constitute a Canadianisation of the celebration. Perhaps Mr Curzi and his friend are thinking that the Beatle’s British invasion was a real solider aided invasion and that the gig on the Plaines d’Abraham will be a repeat of that. Or maybe they see sir McCartney as a general in some form of cultural war taking place between the “good” French and the “evil” English. Not to mention that what is wrong with having a Canadian celebration in a Canadian city? Come on Mr Curzy, until you and your party win a referendum and succeed in making an independent Quebec, the city of Quebec is still part of Canada and we do celebrate as Canadian do.

An argument put forward by supporter of this idea goes that instead of a world famous signer that as something of an history with Quebec city, Quebec should be having a show by a French singer, preferably one of Quebec origin. Well, first off every French speaking Quebec’s artist were invited to participate in the celebration, a very small minority accepted the other declined for various reason, second ALL Canadian artist singing together on the stage for a show would not even come close to a single Beatle signing there. We are talking about a legend coming to Quebec to celebrate with us, not as part of some tour or as if Quebec was just one more city on his trip, Quebec is one of 3 cities in the World where mister McCartney will sing this year. It is a special event, to celebrate the oldest French-speaking city in America, the oldest true city in North America, a unique event that marks Quebec as a famous city. So please mister Curzi leave your inferiority complex toward the English at home, stop making stupid claims about how the people of Quebec fell and try to enjoy that Quebec as spoken French for the last 400 years despite having being abandoned by the French.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Questioning the validity of argument for the “truthfulness” the New Testament

I’ve come upon an argument on Facebook tonight and it got me to think enough to make a new blog post (and just for you). One of the arguments I’ve seen to justify the New Testament being the “words” of god is that it was written by Jesus’ follower a mere 40 years (which as been proven false but lets assume for the sake of argument that it is true) after it’s death at around 33. The argument goes that 40 years is a short time there would still have been people remembering the actual Jesus and they would have shot down anything that would have been a lie right?

Well this is where everything fall apart, you see even if 40 years is not that long of a time for our civilization, and that the average person lives much longer then this in our society it was not the case in the roman empire. The average men life expectancy was only around 46 years. That means that most people did not see their 50th birthday and given that the disciple had to have been at least 14 when they where with Jesus, it would be doubtful that they would still be alive 40 years later. Not to mention that even if they were, just about no one else that had lived through the life of Jesus was and could contradict their account. You have to realize that 40 years at the time was the equivalent of 2 generations, the children of the Jesus’ follower had had children, died, and those children would have had children of their own. So by that time the story of Jesus was the story of someone your grand father might have known. Not exactly first hand account, if you catch my drift.