Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buses and collisions

Well this morning I’ve been in a bus accident, not a big collision just one bus going about 15 km/h hitting another bus that was at rest. Thankfully, almost no one was standing in either bus but their were still at least two peoples were hurt. I do not know the severity of their injuries but at least one was evacuated in an ambulance. From what I could gather (the wounded were not in the same vehicule as I was) the person taken away in an ambulance suffered head trauma. I was very disapointed with the way the drivers handled the situation, yes they called the ambulance, police and fireman but aside from that they did not do anything. They did not inform the people they should leave the bus to take the next one, did not inform us on what was happending, did no really try to do any first aid to the wounded and did not really check on their passenger. For exemple, in my bus one old person that was getting on the bus at the moment of collision felt right next to the driver, the driver look to see if she was allright but failed to ask anyone else on the bus about their condition and the woman next to me fell to floor. I hope the injured woman only suffered minor injuries and I must say I’m very grateful that this happened with buses that were not fully loaded with standing passengers. The number of wounded would have been much higher with probably a lot of serious injuries.

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anyflower said...

It's really not impressive. If I had been in the bus, I definetly would write a complaint letter to the Quebec city transportation society (whatever it is called). To me, it simply shows some carelessness from the bus driver and it is certainly not good for the image of the organisation.