Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music of the stars..

Scientist, you know those very cool people that gave you penciling, radio, tv, the internet and all that stuff you don't use all the time have recorded something quite intriguing. The "sound" produced by a few stars in our galaxy. Now you might say: "But Asaathi we're not moron we know that sound doesn't travel in a vacuum!" and would be right. However you would also be something else than an astrophysicist. You see, as wave travel through a medium, air for example, it produce density highs and lows. This mean that some places have more matter then other, only slightly more but enough to be measured. Now a star is made of plasma, which is a scientific name for hot as hell gas, and when wave travels through them the same process that allow us to hear happen. The local density of the star change, now since it's plasma and luminous, this change in density produce a change in what we call opacity, the transparency of the star to light. Ok, you're still not hearing anything but we are getting close, now suppose that either the star rotate or that it pulse (it's shape/size change with time) and you get changes in the density produced by the waves in the stars. Record those change and you record the waves in the stars and if you pipe this record into your speaker you might hear stuff if the waves have component in the frequency our body can understand.

Now that I've explained to you how we do it here is the sounds of the stars: HD181420 , HD49933 , from a globular cluster (an very dense group of stars) and from our sun. Please be amazed that we live in a time where everyone can share amazing discovery. And enjoy, this first music from the stars.


anyflower said...

Oh common, scientists discovered that recently? New Age music composers knew about this a long time ago. The proof: the background sound on their music is star music and they put stars on the album covers. They just never made it too public by fear to shame the scientist: they have such a big ego (as well shown by MacKay in Atlantis, so see, that's proof).

asaathi said...

Mackay is an astrophysisit you know, as was Carter... hmm do we see a trend in the cool scientist class? Anyway, the new age music composers might say they use star music and put stars on the covers of their albumb but none of them can correctly identify HD49933 in the sky so I'm guessing they did not really use star music but instead made random noise and tried to pass it off as star music.

anyflower said...

Oh common Asaathi! You know darn well I love astrophysicists and I don't listen to New Age. At least I got you writing with my nonsense comment ;-).