Saturday, October 25, 2008

I could use a good new

Well, you might have notice that I did not update this blog as much as I used too in the past few months. One of the reasons for this is that I am working just about full time on finishing my phd thesis and I do not want to “waste” a few hours each day typing some text on my blog. Well ok, maybe not an hour but still the time spent writing here add-up fast, and it does eat up on my thesis writing time. Then there is the fact that my life feels kinda boring at the moment. Nothing spectacullarly good, or bad is happenning, which isn’t that bad in itself, except that it feels like for each small tibbits of sligthly good news I get I receive about 20 slightly bad news. For exemple, my thesis advisor finish reading my first 2 chapters and says they are good and only need a few little change before I can send them to be evaluated, a good news. Then in the two weeks following that news I get this: the two girls I find interesting in my dances class have boyfriend and the job I had appliend on and that seemed really interesting was given to someone else. Yes, that 3 “bad” news not 20 but put the 2 girlst hing on the same night and it gets a lot more annoying and a lot more draining energy wise. In short, I need a good news, something to cheer me up, and no good news about my friends won’t do it. I’m very happy for all the nice and good stuff happening in their lifes but it doesn’t make mine any more interesting. Selfish I know, sorry.


yofed said...


Good news: you have many friends who love you, no matter what.

It's a start, right? ;)

anyflower said...

Add me on the list and I am confident you'll end up doing great things. Some day, who knows, maybe I'll tell everyone that the astrophysicist who did "that-world-changing-discovery" is my friend! Hang on!