Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earthly X ray source

Now, you can say what you want about science but their is one thing you have to admit it is surprising. Scientist have found that you can produce a rather impressive amount of X-RAY from doing a rather inocculous thing: peeling off scotch tape. Yep you read it right, peeling off scotch tape (in a vacuum, don't be affraid). Enough X-ray in fact to produce an x ray picture of one finger. Now just what the hell can such a discovery bring to the human race? Portable X-Ray machine for one (ok, might not be a good thing to give everyone x-ray machine) that paramedics could use or that could be used in remote territories where electricity is harder to come by. As I always say: isn't science cool?

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yofed said...

I was actually going to say it was a shame you didn't post in such a long time! ;)

And yes, it IS really cool!