Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Science: 1, Apocalyptic prophesies: -1 000 000

Today, we saw the first test firing of the LHC (large hadron collider if you didn’t watch the previous post’s video) and surprise, the doomsayer prophecies of earth destruction by black holes and stranglets failed to materialize. Now, if we look at doomsayer previous track record we find that prophecies of doom have failed time and time again to be fulfilled. Ok, I’ve got to give you that today’s test at the LHC was not a full power experiment and that maybe a catastrophic miscalculation could result in an incident with tragic consequences… however this is less likely than a global nuclear war tomorrow morning cause by renewed Russian-US tension. (Note: I’m not talking long term here, I really mean the probability of it happening tomorrow in the current situation, this is astronomically low).

So once again we fail to go into the “things man was not meant to know area”, probably because for things to be in the not meant to know area someone would need to have created this area, I say score another one for science! We will find more questions and more amazing thing in this universe!


yofed said...

I haven't seen your movies yet, since the kids are up, maybe later. Although chances are we'll discover wonderful things from this experiment, we know little enough to say that yes, something wrong could happen, and yes, scientist might not be able to deal with a "disaster". I am mostly concerned by the overly optimistic attitude of some scientists...

And please, remind me to change my keyboard, this one sucks!

anyflower said...

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