Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to Saudi Britain

Well thankfully a simillar idea was rejected in Canada but it is still worrisome that some civilized country would dissavow it's rule of law in favor of religious biggotry.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dangerously optimistic scientist?

We are worried it seems that science will one day play with thing we aren’t meant to play with and that a disaster that will destroy the city/region/country/science. There are thousand of science fiction stories use this as a premises, where uncarefull scientist destroy the world with accidental plague, uncontrollable explosion, or some other unforeseen consequence. It as became part of our culture to the point that people distrust any experiment proposed by scientist. The thing is while technology as caused problem when badly misused and cause regional problem for humanity it as nothing to do with science and even then obviously not cause any large scale problem. Yes scientist can make mistake and some mistake could be dangerous but science is rarely someone else in the peer review process before any catastrophe catches the product of single scientist usually a mistake happen. Also scientist do not want to die anymore then anyone else and an experiment reward would have to be astronomically huge for scientist to even think of making an experiment that would have a 1/100th of a percent chance of cause a catastrophe.

Please, trust scientist not to endanger your life, they know what they are doing.

Science: 1, Apocalyptic prophesies: -1 000 000

Today, we saw the first test firing of the LHC (large hadron collider if you didn’t watch the previous post’s video) and surprise, the doomsayer prophecies of earth destruction by black holes and stranglets failed to materialize. Now, if we look at doomsayer previous track record we find that prophecies of doom have failed time and time again to be fulfilled. Ok, I’ve got to give you that today’s test at the LHC was not a full power experiment and that maybe a catastrophic miscalculation could result in an incident with tragic consequences… however this is less likely than a global nuclear war tomorrow morning cause by renewed Russian-US tension. (Note: I’m not talking long term here, I really mean the probability of it happening tomorrow in the current situation, this is astronomically low).

So once again we fail to go into the “things man was not meant to know area”, probably because for things to be in the not meant to know area someone would need to have created this area, I say score another one for science! We will find more questions and more amazing thing in this universe!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Physics rock.. well rap

We need to shut the LHC up, why? Because it's not online yet and see what kind of bullshit it produce: