Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The world first Voorwerp

Well I’ll be proving two things today, first that astronomy is clearly the coolest, most accessible and fun science and second that the Dutch language is just a collection of random syllables. You see a new class of astronomical object have been found by watch this a schoolteacher with no background in astronomy (thanks to a project to identify large number of galaxy) take that genetics we are so cool that anyone can join us (remember we have a rock star astronomer!). This new class of object appears to be the remainant of a extinct QUASAR (a massive galaxy emitting so much light that they are the farthest object we can see in the universe), that is in a way the beginning of forensic astrophysics if you want.

Now for the second point, they called the new objet a Voorwerp, the Dutch word for object. I rest my case.

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