Friday, August 08, 2008

Shit, please don't jump in that fan.

Well, the shit hasn’t hit the fan just yet but it seems we might be looking at shit gazing at the fan in jumping envy. Now, you might wonder what in the hell am I referring to? Well this: Russian tank violating Georgie’s souverainty in what can be considered an act of war. Not to mention that combat apparently occurred between Georgie and Russia (Russian planes were downed and “peace keeping” Russian soldier killed). Georgie is apparently willing to go to war over this. The situation appears volatile and with Russia wanting to be seen once more as a world power it could very well degenerate.

Now I hope Russia and Georgie follow the wish of the EU and US and stop the hostility before things escalate. Lets hope that someone put a wall between that shit and the fan, otherwise it might get messy.

Edit/update: according to CNN, Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokeperson said that Putin is calling this a real war: "There are lots of volunteers being gathered in the region, and it's very hard to withhold them from taking part. A real war is going on,"

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