Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Shit, please don't jump in that fan.

Well, the shit hasn’t hit the fan just yet but it seems we might be looking at shit gazing at the fan in jumping envy. Now, you might wonder what in the hell am I referring to? Well this: Russian tank violating Georgie’s souverainty in what can be considered an act of war. Not to mention that combat apparently occurred between Georgie and Russia (Russian planes were downed and “peace keeping” Russian soldier killed). Georgie is apparently willing to go to war over this. The situation appears volatile and with Russia wanting to be seen once more as a world power it could very well degenerate.

Now I hope Russia and Georgie follow the wish of the EU and US and stop the hostility before things escalate. Lets hope that someone put a wall between that shit and the fan, otherwise it might get messy.

Edit/update: according to CNN, Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokeperson said that Putin is calling this a real war: "There are lots of volunteers being gathered in the region, and it's very hard to withhold them from taking part. A real war is going on,"

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Science, it's where the solution are.

Wow, what an interesting talk! I really got to go to TED one day, sound like an amazing conference and the idea presented there wow, just wow.

Future of the web

I don't know about you but some part of the future presented worry me. Sound a little too much like bad science-fiction/big brother in a way.

Culture for science!

Well this will be a short post, this sound spot on about the education of Quebec (I think Quebec is actually worse in many respect then what the article promotes about the US). Nothing else to say I guess.

The world first Voorwerp

Well I’ll be proving two things today, first that astronomy is clearly the coolest, most accessible and fun science and second that the Dutch language is just a collection of random syllables. You see a new class of astronomical object have been found by watch this a schoolteacher with no background in astronomy (thanks to a project to identify large number of galaxy) take that genetics we are so cool that anyone can join us (remember we have a rock star astronomer!). This new class of object appears to be the remainant of a extinct QUASAR (a massive galaxy emitting so much light that they are the farthest object we can see in the universe), that is in a way the beginning of forensic astrophysics if you want.

Now for the second point, they called the new objet a Voorwerp, the Dutch word for object. I rest my case.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Maybe a few of you have heard or better still played the amazing game by bioware: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (or KOTOR for the fanbase) well apparently bioware as announced at E3 that a MMO based on the same time period as KOTOR will be out soon. Now that is AMAZING news, just when I though no MMO could ever interest me they bring out probably the only franchise that I might consider selling my Mac for a new PC for. I had hear something big for a new KOTOR was in the work but I just assumed a KOTOR3 (which would also be great!) not a full fledge time waster… a MMO. Well hopefully it will be released after my phd is done so that I can 1) affort to buy and play the game and 2) affort to have more then one working computer.

So please as they say in one article announcing it: “As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in rapture and were suddenly fanboys…”

Friday, August 01, 2008

Paying more for education

The young liberals of Quebec have come up with two new proposals for education in Quebec. First they want to “increase” tuition to the Canadian average, except, not. You see you won’t be paying more for your school year; you will be incurring a debt that you will be paying once you get on the job market. While the idea is not bad in itself, it’s probably going to turn people off from higher education even more then it is right now. Some/many people are already deciding they do not want a higher education because of the debt associated with it. So with that proposal not only will most of them get a 20 000$ student loan debt, but they will be getting an addition 4000$/year debt (so if you get a phd that on average 40 000$).

The second proposal is different. It proposes to increase the tuition of people going into higher paying job such as medicine. This is a completely stupid idea, well not the increasing tuition for some programs but increasing tuition because the program leads to a high paying job. See, it seems to be a good idea; they are going to be rich so they can pay more for school it’s only fair right? Well actually no, thing about it who will be able to pay more for an education? Those that already have money, so you will be cutting people off from important post because of economical means. Now personally I would propose increasing tuition to “luxury” programs, you know programs that do not offer job possibilities or that are hobbies more then jobs. The only problem I see is who decided what job are luxuries? I’m sure my ideas are not the same as people in social studies. Also it would be unfair to penalize areas of study that are less “profitable”.