Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joss Whedon is clearly a master.

Joss Whedon the creator of such sci-fi masterpieces as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and the remarcable Firefly as done it again with a new web serie called Dr Horrible's Sing along blog. Which can only be described as a blog musical comedy about a supervilian's plan for world domination and his trouble finding love. Yeah, it's sound weird but it amazing, get it soon it's supposed to only be availlable till sunday.

Oh yeah in other news theirs going to be a second season of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicle! yeah!


yofed said...

You call Buffy a masterpiece???

What kind of drugs to they pass in your food at the cafeteria?

asaathi said...

Oh but Buffy is a masterpiece, not the movie but the TV serie is pack with awesomeness. Joss Whedon used technique in that show that were previously thought to be impossible to use on TV. Also it is like king of the Hill it as to be seen as something with much more layer then what is first appearant.

yofed said...

They evenn made a MOVIE out of that show???? Holy cow!

I didn't see many episodes, but I didn't like any of it, other than they played a Bif Naked song

asaathi said...

Well actually it's the other way around, their was a crappy movie about a girl named Buffy that got the "Slayer" power and had to fight vampire and Joss Whedon made a tv serie with it.

Well it might be an aquired taste you know, but I know that I loved some episode and some are just amazing concept. Imagine in one episode, called Hush, no one in the city can talk! another was a musical, it's really cool.