Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Je me souviens...

This is part of Quebec’s motto, what we always forget is the rest of this motto: Que né sous le lys j’ai grandi sous la rose. Now what in hell could that mean, well it simply means the history of Quebec, our province started as a French colony (Lys being the floral symbol of France) and grew to what it is today under the British (Roses). Nationalist Quebecers should do well to remember that we owe something of ourselves to the English, they are part of us and it is quite easy to realize that when you travel to Europe. We have as much in common with the English that we have with the French and in many cases, more with the English. Quebec’s culture is not the same as the French, neither is the same as the English and we cannot and should not forsake our history for the sake of the fantasy that we are pure unaltered French.

When I read someone complaining about Quebec City, saying that we are bowing our head to the English as slaves or vassal, I get angry. We are not the English vassal, nor are we their slave, nor do we worship their culture and achievement. However, we do realize that we kindred, they are has much our brother as the French are, in fact, historically I would call the English better brothers then the French, they did no abandon us for some sugar. The French people of Quebec, hell all French Canadian are brother to the French and English and are unique. Isn’t it time we see our culture beyond the label of the language, we are so much more then a few words.

So what if we choose to invite someone that sang in English in a show that was completely in English. This is what we choose, this is also part of our history and heritage, do not try to cut us from our past, even the part you might like. For without all of our history, we are loosing a part of ourselves, a part that we shall miss in the future. Je me souviens… indeed I remember and I am proud of all of my history, no matter what language my brothers spoke or what country their ships hailed from.

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