Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jazzing it up

I’ve discovered a new Jazz artist: Fredrika Stalh a Swedish/French singer with a beat a quite like and songs that are quite intriguing. At least the few I’ve listened too (her latest album: Tributaires), what really impress me is that she sings in English, French and another language that I’m guessing would Swedish. She’s currently the single artist that I listen to the most on my Ipod.

Speaking of Jazz, I’ve got a urge to play trumpet, don’t ask me why I’d be damn if I can figure it out but I want to play trumpet. Now, I’ve never actually played the trumpet, I’ve played… if you can called that played, the trombone but seriously it can’t be that bad. And somehow I’ve got to fantasy of having a girlfriend that could sing jazz (nothing to do with Fredrika, even if she is hot), weird huh?

Oh by the way if you know any good, 1920 like jazz could you point it to me I feeling like listening to that too.


yofed said...

I'm a big fan of Ella Fitzgerald. Her christmas album is especially good! :D

anyflower said...

Ella is great! I love Billie Holiday (more like '30-'40's) and Nina Simone. Do you like Big bands? I like Duke Ellington and Quincy Jones. Other than that, well, come to my home and visit my music library! If you like piano jazz, I love Vince Guaraldi, Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck (they are more modern).

As for trumpet, there is no limit! Be the new Miles Davis!!! The mouth technique is basically the same as trombone and the finger play is easy to learn. You can even buy a gadget that you plug at the end and has headphones so that your neighbors won't hear you but you will! I have played trumpet for years in high school but I don't have one... sadly. I even auditioned for the conservatory back then!!! That's before I began signing.