Monday, July 21, 2008

The God Delusion

I’ve been reading Richard Dawkins’ the God Delusion and I only recently finished it. I must say that while I agree with most of the book I don’t think the case he makes against god is that strong. His case against religion is however overwhelming. The existence of god is impossible to disprove and the inexistence of anything is impossible to prove so it is logical that he cannot make a strong case against god. The case strength of the case against religion finds its strength (at least in my opinion) in the fact that Richard Dawkins bring forth a evolutionary explanation for it. The idea is that religion is a side effect of another traits that is very important for our success as a species.

This trait is what allowed human to survive and thrive by allowing the passage of the knowledge from one generation to the next. This trait will favor young that listen to their elder and follow the rules and explanation given. Now however if at one time one such explanation ends up being god it will get propagated throughout history and humanity. This explanation is very simple and elegant; humanity does need religion and religion is probably not that beneficial for religion but it will occur naturally from our ignorance and our tendency to follow explanation for something.

Also I’d like to address a video I’ve seen on youtube showing the crime of Atheism… Well basically the crime of Communist dictator and Hitler (which is shown in Dawkins’ book to be a religious person…) The author of the video compares the number of death from “Atheism” to those of Christianity (which is already unfair it should actually be compared with its opposite, i.e. Theism) and find that Atheism through the communist dictator and fascism killed millions of people. Well, I would first like to point out that none of these murder where made in the name of Atheism, they where made about and for other ideology by people who where atheist. Now some of those murder where made in the name of ideology that hold atheism as a virtue but I do not thing that put it on the same level as murder in the made of a religion or a god. Still if you want to old atheism responsible for those murder it is your right, I just ask that you do the same for religion.

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yofed said...

I was thinking about reading that book a while ago, but there are already so many I want to read... one that interest me more is "How Jesus became Christian", I can't remember the author... basically, it's about early Christianity and how his jewish sect was transformed into what we know now. That's more like my kind of reading ;) But thanks for posting this, it was really informative.