Thursday, July 17, 2008

The British invasion isn’t what you think Mr Curzi.

You might have hear that some of Quebec provincial politician (including Mr Pierre Curzi the politician that gave us the : “English might not be allowed to vote in an independent Quebec”) and artist have written a letter to sir McCartney asking him to sing “Gens du pays” with Gilles Vignault in his upcoming gig in Quebec City. Now, aside from the fact that “Gens du pays” sucks as a song and that no one else wants to hear sir McCartney sing it, the justification for this request is brain destroyingly stupid. Listen to this: A British singer singing for Quebec’s 400th would be a symbol of the French defeat on les Plaines d’Abraham and would constitute a Canadianisation of the celebration. Perhaps Mr Curzi and his friend are thinking that the Beatle’s British invasion was a real solider aided invasion and that the gig on the Plaines d’Abraham will be a repeat of that. Or maybe they see sir McCartney as a general in some form of cultural war taking place between the “good” French and the “evil” English. Not to mention that what is wrong with having a Canadian celebration in a Canadian city? Come on Mr Curzy, until you and your party win a referendum and succeed in making an independent Quebec, the city of Quebec is still part of Canada and we do celebrate as Canadian do.

An argument put forward by supporter of this idea goes that instead of a world famous signer that as something of an history with Quebec city, Quebec should be having a show by a French singer, preferably one of Quebec origin. Well, first off every French speaking Quebec’s artist were invited to participate in the celebration, a very small minority accepted the other declined for various reason, second ALL Canadian artist singing together on the stage for a show would not even come close to a single Beatle signing there. We are talking about a legend coming to Quebec to celebrate with us, not as part of some tour or as if Quebec was just one more city on his trip, Quebec is one of 3 cities in the World where mister McCartney will sing this year. It is a special event, to celebrate the oldest French-speaking city in America, the oldest true city in North America, a unique event that marks Quebec as a famous city. So please mister Curzi leave your inferiority complex toward the English at home, stop making stupid claims about how the people of Quebec fell and try to enjoy that Quebec as spoken French for the last 400 years despite having being abandoned by the French.


anyflower said...

"Et vlan dans les dents", Mr. Curzi! I am backing you 100% for this post and I think those comments from the Curzi followers posing a major problem for all french speaking canadians: we are seen as defensive, stupid and weak by many anglos. I am glad that this time most quebecers had the gutz to reply to that "wanna be controversy" by saying it's stupid (at least, that's what anglo news show us here in Ontario). It kinda saves the day for the rest of us. Nevertheless, "Curzi et compagnie" with their victimizing attitude keep on staining our reputaion as french canadian citizen. That guy should have stayed at l'Union des Artistes and left politics to... well.. hmmm... other bullshiters.

yofed said...

Merci mon coeur! I really enjoyed that post! (although I had not heard of that controversy here)