Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The 2008 Olympics

I’ll be boycotting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing because of China’s action. China as decided that the foreign journalist covering the games will only have access to the part of the internet that are required for their work. Of course what part of the internet is required for their article is not the journalist prerogative it will the Chinese government’s. Now, I was already touchy about the Olympic because of China’s poor record in freedom of expression and liberty of its own press but if they start to limit ours we should draw a line. Doubly so since China has made a promises 7 years ago that the freedom of the press would be respected for the games. Couple this with China’s failure at providing an acceptable pollution level for the games and China looks like a god damn liar. With all that well no Olympics coverage for me, beside they started the boycott, my blog is barred from China, consider this a reciprocity thing.

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