Sunday, June 01, 2008

Working from the airport

One thing you’ll find surprising I’m sure is that I’m not on vacation for the moment I’m actually working. Well yeah I’m working from the airport on a presentation I’ll be giving in a few day in Spain. You could say that not the best place to work but seriously I don’t know when I would work beside this hours before my flight’s boarding. Working on a presentation from my lap is not really what I’d recommend for the best presentation possible but hey when you don’t have a table you work with what you can.

And now my plane as docked with the unloading bridge to obviously unload the previous flight passenger. They’ll clean the plane and in about 1 hours I will be able to get in. Should be fun it’s a big 747 instead of a smaller planes like we where supposed to get I just hope I get enough room for my legs. Speaking of room in flight I just though about a problem we might have in the near future with airplanes. Passenger weight, as the average weight of people increase it should get harder and harder to fit as many people as we do in planes. Something will have to give and probably it will be something like a maximum total weight, passenger+luggage or simply a maximum weight for passenger.

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anyflower said...

Well I think that has already begun in some way: 4x large passengers now have to pay for 2 seats as they really don't fit in one.