Friday, June 27, 2008

Particule zoo

I was just made aware of a place for gift for your future geek (take note yofed!) it's a "zoo" of elemental subatomic particules in plush form! Also since this is aimed at geek you'll find that each plush weight is relative to it's "true" weight (i.e photon are lighter then anything except tachyons and stuff like that). So if you got to seduce that elusive particule physicist geekette, you want to introduce your future genius to the wonderfull world of subatomic particules, you want to see what the hell they are talking about on Star Gate when they talk about neutrinos, or you just want to do something sweet but amazingly geeky for that significant other well you've found the right place!

Note: this is nowhere as geeky as computer related underwear.

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