Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memories from Toledo

Well I got back from visit the medieval city of Toledo yesterday with something to fill up my luggage. You see sword, and other medieval weapon are a lot cheaper in Europe then they are in Canada (and by a lot I mean something like a factor 5 or 10) so I took the opportunity that I had while I was there and bought a dagger. Joy to bring it back to Canada don’t you think. Anyway aside from my unplanned, unbudgeted for purchase I also visited the city of Toledo. It as one of the most majestic church I had ever seen in my life frankly at least for my taste Notre Dame in Paris is nothing compared to this church. It build on a plan very different from the tradition Catholic church of America, in fact it is more like a fortress for it’s design then a church. Also, it feature a lot of 6th century Visigoth art and it as been added upon in the centuries following it’s construction. Unfortunately I could not get any picture, photographies where forbidden within the church (and since we got in while their was a mass it would have felts wrong to take any.) Speaking of mass, the hearth of the church is an amazing example of baroque art and the mass itself is told according to Visigoth tradition! During that day I also saw a few reliquaries, with the relics in them, I must say that I find the idea of keeping the bones of saint for centuries after their death well a little morbid. Not to mention that there is apparently the head of some saint or another as a relic… we saw a wax one, perhaps this is the relic but like creepy!

Anyway, Toledo is an amazing and beautifull medieval town, build around a castle and many many church. I think we visited 4 or 5 before getting tired of paying the 2 Euros entrance fee. Not to mention that in one church the ONLY thing we saw is a single painting, yes it was a master piece, but 1 painting for 2.30 Euro is a little on the expensive side of my taste you know. Well one thing is for sure if I ever do my visit the castle and city of the Templar tour of Spain I’ve got to go back there (of course it is one of the city associated with the knights Templar, it’s in Castille!). well honestly even if I don’t do that tour I’ve got to go back to that city and spend a few days there just to see the sight, understand the history and find a way to bring back more swords and dagger to Canada.

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anyflower said...

If the edges are clearly blunt, I don't see why you couldn't bring it back to Canada in your suitcase... obviously not in your hand luggage, lol. If the customs have any doubt they should let you take your dagger back home, just let them know your friends (at least one on NS) call you Astrogeek: they should grasp then that you are totally inoffensive... as long as you don't show them your kung fu black belt ;)