Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Madrid airport, a well deserved face lift.

Last time I was in Madrid I was very disappointed by the airport, it felt third world and cheap with dirty terminals, an annoying speaker system and almost nothing in the way of conveniences for the passenger. Well this year I’m happy to report that the airport had gone throught an amazing facelift, it looks on part with modern airport and maybe even as good as the PET airport in Montreal. Sure there are things that are still annoying, the speaker system is still the same but the look, the fell, the services and wireless access (sorry I’m not paying for more wireless access so you’ll only get that post when I’m within a free wireless zone hopefully not to far from the day I wrote it). Anyway, my point is that Madrid airport people and administration really did a great job to make this airport an international one with potential for many many more passengers and flights. So congrats!

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