Saturday, June 14, 2008

I betted about that

Before leaving Canada I had betted with one of my co-student that I would have some problem with the Hotel reservation in Munich. So no problem on monday I was expecting to loose the bet… well you can probably guess by the fact I’m writing about it that I did not in the end lose. Yep I had problems, nothing major luckily but enough to stress me quite a bit. I was splitting the room with another student and her part was getting paid by an European agency. So she left before I did and simply left her keys and told them who she was. No problem there, when I got to pay, they hand me the bill, I see the total room cost minus the cost of a single room (which is what the European agency was paysing for my co-student) and the reaming on a separate bill for me. I hand out my credit card and when I’m about to sing to pay I see that the amounts is way more then I should be paying. I point this out to the deskwoman. At first she does not believe me, I convinces her to look into her folders and she looks, doesn’t find anything at first, I continue to insist (it’s around 1000$ you know) and finally she finds the information and apologies. However she explains to me that it would be more complex to unbill my credit card than it would be to give me cash. Believing I was in an hurry I took the cash. Luckilly I already know what I’ll do, pay my Amsterdam hotel with it, I’m gonna save a 5% credit card surcharge. Still you can imagine that I do not like walking around with that much money on me. At least it got solved to my satisfaction and I did not have to pay for the whole room. Not to mention that at least I had a room!

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