Monday, June 16, 2008

Computer, one day of walking and if possible an even more tired asaathi

I really think my laptop is dying, it took me 4 tries to boot up correctly today, even the fix of booting up without the batterie doesn’t seem to work correctly anymore. I really hope it doesn’t mean I’ll have to get a new laptop I really can’t affort it right now. Had I not traveled to Europe I wouldn’t like getting a new one but at least I could better affort it. Well at least affort the battery I need.

Anyway, now about my day, well I made a day walking trip suggested by my traveling book, it was nice lots and lots of walking and a few sights to explore off the city center. Nice, parks, a few historical house and coffee shop, I was supposed to visit 2 museum as part of the tour but the long line and 10 Euro entrance fee kinda stopped me. Writing that I am thinking of doing a 20 Euro museum visit tomorrow.. well it won’t be a art gallery kind of museum so it’s probably going to be more fun for me. Oh well I’ll tell you tomorrow about how I decided to go, if my laptop is still working.

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