Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beer, beer, more beer, and pretzels.

Germany is in part the land of beer, almost alcool free beer but beer nonetheless. Knowing that you can probably figure that I drunk quite a lot of it, well you aren’t far from the truth on average I drunk 1.5l of beer every day Well actually every evening, during dinner. The thing is that beer is really not expensive, 2 Euros for half a litter of great beer. (5 Euro for the 1L buck that I had to try twice). They have a very nice tradition of the Beergarden (those of you with a little flair for language will notice the similarity with kindergarden) basically a garden where they serve beer. It’s very informal, picknit table like area with friendly staff and one of the only place that the German actually look friendly (well drunk german don’t invade other country so that might be the reason ;-)) . It also serves at least in Garchin very good food, some of the best I ate all week here. Considering the amount of beer we drink in Quebec it might well be a good idea to build such a meeting place. Now about the pretzel I finally understood yesterday why pretzels are good, well no actually I finally ate good pretzels. The monsters two km tall German pretezel that instead of being a dry hard thing are actually moist and tasty. A big contrast with german bread that is usually dry and hard.

Their breakfast are strange with fish and cheese and meat with cold eggs (tho that might have only be in my hotel) and hot milk. The lunch are a little closer to what we are used too but since we had to eat at the Max Plank institute Cafeteria we did not enjoy the quality of food that we might have. Not that it was bad but it was plain, luckily I had access to my trusty live saving Red Bulls (otherwise I do not believe I would have survived listening to talk all afternoon. The evening meal were quite good, my first night there I ate some kind of german sausage with Choucroute followed by a good hot chocolate for desert. Afterward with alternated between typicall german dish and foreign food. Last night we ate at the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been too. Tasty, spicy, hot and good looking food with weird sangria (probably made out of Tequilla or a very sugar filled wine) and beer, always beer.

Anyway I’m getting ready to go on the plane and head out for my vacation in Amsterdam, I only hope for one thing that there are there as many beautiful blond as there is in Munich around the university. It might seem weird for me to mention blond specifically since I really do not have a thing for blond but it seems that in Germany 9 out of 10 beautiful women are blond. Ok, there is a hardness to their face that steal a little of their beauty but not enough to make them plain or ugly. It was quite the sights. My only regret about Germany now is not to have gone to Munich a second time and taken pictures after pictures of that amazingly beautiful city

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