Friday, June 27, 2008

Aspergus on mars!

No, no don't be mislead by the title we haven't found aspergus on mars (now that would have been a scientific discovery worth a blog post!) but one of the newest probe exploring mars the Phoenix mars lander has found that the martian soil is much more hospitable to life than we hoped. You can read all about it here on the BBC.

You do realise what this mean right? Colonization is probably much more possible now, the amoungt of terraforming we will need to do is much lower with this discovery. Not to mention that if we have 2 planets in a single solar system with condition that seems to be favorable to life, the probability that life is commun in the universe increase dramatically. Now, those preliminary result do not imply that life exist on mars only that with a little work we could grow vegetables with the Martian soil and appropriate sunlight. But still it is great for colonization and maned exploration as it implies the possibility of growing your own food there with "minimal" effort.

However I have to emphasis that these results are preliminary, there could be a major change and it could be that the soil is not hospitable to our kind of life afterall. Still it is a good news for space exploration.

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