Sunday, June 01, 2008

Asaathi is on the road again!

Well I’m once again on my way to visit the old countries. I can’t really say that I’m more prepared that I usually am but hey that allows for the fun of travel. Now, seriously I must say that I wonder about a few things at airport. You’re (according to the website) supposed to arrive more then three hours before your flight. Well ok, sure no problem but it’s now 2h30 before my flight and I’m waiting for it to arrive… it took all an all a big 15 minutes to get check in and go through security. Ok, I arrive about 4 hours before my flight but still if I have to arrive MORE then 3 hours before my flight it should mean that on average security and check in should take at LEAST an hour (the extra too hours to account for boarding and problems) because come on who needs three hours to check in and go through security???

I’m guessing you’ve been missing my ranting so I’ve decided to try and rant a little more while I’m away it’s gonna be hard since I’m quite satisfied with my trip but hey I can rant about minor inconveniences no? Ok, now to continu and sideline this rant I have to speak about a few of the problem of public transportation. Namely the time constraint, I’m guessing that quite a few people that take the bus from Quebec to Montreal do it to go to the Airport. Ok, it’s probably getting smaller because Quebec airport is getting bigger and is getting more flights but still I would expect they would try to time the arrival of their intercity bus with the shuttle to the airport. Well I was wrong, and because of that inconsistency I had to leave an hour earlier. Quite annoying, I’d prefer to leave latter and get more sleep. Oh well at least I had a few laugh on the trip; apparently I found the point where my holyday started. Yep an hotel told me in bold latter that my holyday started here. Amusing no?

Oh nice I just noticed that Air Canada has changed it’s planes color, from black white and red to some kind of ugly pale green and red. Sorry I did not have time to take a picture and post it here, maybe next time. Oh speaking of pictures I will try to have some when I post. Which should be every day until the Amsterdam part of my trip. Anyway, you’ll see and I hope enjoy my many comment on life and travels. Don’t worry I’ll try to be my usual geeky self.

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yofed said...

Security is a big joke here. When I was pregnant with Luca, they let me go through with a knife in my purse.... but they took my nail clippers away because of the file on it! lol